Proper Ammo Storage

There are proper ways to store your ammo that you should learn. If you like to have a reliable ammo then you need to take care of it. That is because there could be something that will affect it and damage could be done. Your ammunition should not get in contact with ammonia, paint thinner, an organic solvent, and petroleum product. These various products could penetrate the primer or powder if the gun is loaded with a bullet. When the gun will deteriorate, there could be an accident that will happen.

Moisture is not good for your ammunition so if the weather is humid, make sure to check on them. It is best if you store them in a container that is airtight. If you will put them in cans with seals then make sure that there is no hint of moisture in it. It is also best that when you buy your own ammo, put a label into it so that you will not forget which to use first. Make sure that you use what has been bought first.

If you have different calibers then you can store them in different containers and put a label so you can find them easily.

The best thing to store ammo is if you will also put them in a safe just like your guns. That way, they are safe from instances of tampering and also the threat of humidity. Also, you should always make sure that they are stored in places that children could reach or where the pets can play.