Popular Firearms

Guns is one that could be viewed positively and negatively. That is because it is used in a good way and in the opposite way. Guns are good if they are used for defense but when they are used for crimes then it is bad already. There are popular guns among the many who had been made. One of them is a gun that came from the country of Israel and was featured in a movie. It is the UZI which was first made in 1951. Variations have been made that produce the micro and the mini in the 1980’s. millions of it have been produced worldwide.

The Remington shotgun is one that has met the popularity because it is one that can produce fire using a 28 gauge cartridge. This type of shotgun is also cheap and military and civilians purchase them. They are mostly present in the different department of the Us that uses or require the use of a gun. this gun also has been seen in many movies made. There are already 10 million of this type of shotgun that was produced. It was a 1951 model of shotgun that has made its influence.

Another gun that was made popular and was very reliable is the one made by Mikhail Kalashnikov is the model made in 1947 which was named Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK-47). It was adopted by the entire USSR military in the year 1949. this type of gun has reached a production number of 100 million. It is also seen in the flag of the country Mozambique. It has been ordered also by other countries as they had seen its reliability.